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Summer electric car battery charging needs attention

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In the hot summer, not only people will feel irritated, but even items without signs of life will be. In many cases, the seemingly inconsistible neglect may cause them to “rebel”, so care must be taken during the use. As a household item, electric vehicles are not only convenient but also save money, but do you know that if you don't pay attention to the electric vehicle battery in summer, it is easy to have an unexpected situation. So, what should you pay attention to in the summer when charging the electric car battery?
First, it is strictly prohibited to expose to high temperature
The hot climate will not only heatstroke, but also make electric vehicles heat stroke. In the hot summer, if the electric car is exposed to the sun, then the probability of the battery being scrapped is very high, especially when the electric car battery is fired at high temperatures, it is not uncommon to avoid high temperature exposure.
Second, high temperature charging must not
In rural areas, many households charge electric vehicles in the yard, and the hot weather, combined with the heat generated during charging, combines the two to cause a very high temperature on the surface of the battery. Even the fire, so be sure to charge in a cool place when charging, do not charge at high temperatures.
Third, do not charge immediately after driving
Because of the lack of maintenance knowledge, many users charge up immediately after using the battery to use it again. But Xiaobian wants to remind everyone that the temperature of the electric car is very high after driving at high temperature. At this time, if the direct charging will cause the temperature of the battery to continue to increase, even exceed the critical point, and finally spontaneous combustion.
Fourth, remove the battery charging
Many users will plug in the electric car for convenience. This kind of charging method will basically have no problem at ordinary temperature, but in the case of high temperature or summer exposure, this charging method will leave a lot of Hidden dangers. In particular, when the electric vehicle and the battery are exposed to the sun, the temperature will rise rapidly, and the battery charging will have a heating process. In addition, the battery is reduced in a narrow space, and the heat dissipation is relatively slow, so the risk is very high. high.
Five, the charger should not be used
I don't know if you have such a situation. When you want to charge, the charger of the electric car battery is not around, so borrow someone else's charge. At first glance, there is no problem, but professionals say that the danger of borrowing someone else's battery is greater, especially in the summer. Electric vehicle batteries have a certain degree of matching, different batteries, charger matching degree, mixed use, it is easy to cause short circuit or insufficient charging.
Understand the precautions for summer electric vehicle battery charging, then, what brand of electric car battery is good? According to market research and comparison, Seiko battery not only has good quality, long service life, and strong endurance, even the warranty time is half a year higher than other batteries, so users can rest assured to buy and use.