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How to ensure timely heat dissipation during the use of electric vehicle batteries?

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Electric vehicle batteries generate a lot of heat during charging and use. If they are not evacuated in time, the temperature will be too high or even natural. Therefore, electric vehicle battery manufacturers pay great attention to this problem in the design and production process. However, from the market research results, many users are not very concerned about the heat dissipation, so the electric car is often overheated and even caught fire. So how can we avoid it? How can we ensure the timely cooling of the electric vehicle battery during use?
First, the battery installation location should be reasonable
Since the first one came out, electric vehicles have experienced the development of multiple brands and multiple stages. Different stages have different characteristics and different advantages. Among them, the design of the battery position of the electric vehicle has undergone several changes. For example, the initial installation is relatively safe, but it will lead to cable lengthening, increased resistance, fast cable temperature rise, and high power consumption. Too close is not conducive to people riding.
Left-to-left may cause a lot of trouble during the ride, causing a fall or other accident.
Second, there must be a good ventilation environment
Although most of the batteries are exposed, there are still a lot of hidden inside the electric car. If the heat dissipation and ventilation environment is not good, it will lead to poor heat dissipation. The poor heat dissipation will inevitably accumulate in the battery compartment, affecting the user's comfort and battery life.
Third, should be high should not be low
The battery contains moisture, which is a guarantee of battery chemical reaction. The serious shortage of water in the battery will affect its electrolytic reaction. Therefore, it is better to choose a higher position in the installation position. In addition, the battery is not able to enter the water, and if the battery is too low, it will be wet in the rain, which will cause the battery to malfunction.
Fourth, choose high quality battery
According to survey data, 90% of people will choose a better quality electric vehicle battery for long-term use.
The electric car battery is like the heart of an electric car. The heart is good, and the electric car is good enough to run farther and more energetically. And if the heart is not good, even if it is new, it will not be used for too long. Therefore, it is recommended that friends who want to buy electric car batteries must be compared before purchase, and choose the most cost-effective purchase.