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In the hot summer, not only people will feel irritated, but even items without signs of life will be. In many cases, the seemingly inconsistible neglect may cause them to “rebel”, so care must be taken during the use. As a household item, electric vehicles are not only convenient but also save money, but do you know that if you don't pay attention to the electric vehicle battery in summer, it is easy to have an unexpected situation. So, what should you pay attention to in the summer when charging the electric car battery?
Electric vehicle batteries generate a lot of heat during charging and use. If they are not evacuated in time, the temperature will be too high or even natural. Therefore, electric vehicle battery manufacturers pay great attention to this problem in the design and production process. However, from the market research results, many users are not very concerned about the heat dissipation, so the electric car is often overheated and even caught fire. So how can we avoid it? How can we ensure the timely cooling of the electric vehicle battery during use?
Why do you say that? In the previous issue, we learned the working principle of lead-acid batteries. The process of charging and discharging lead-acid batteries is the process of electrochemical reaction. When charging, lead sulfate forms lead oxide, and lead oxide is reduced to lead sulfate during discharge. Lead sulphate is a substance that is very easy to crystallize.
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