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Goldencell Electronics|2018 Annual Spring Festival and Awards Ceremony

Group Dynamics
Release time:
2019/03/20 14:00
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The heroic song reciting the old age, the joy of opening the new year, the moment 2017 has taken a firm footstep away from us, and the hopeful 2018 has slowly come, in this happy day of the old and new, the company thanks The hard work and dedication of all employees over the past year, the company is scheduled to hold the "Spring and Autumn Fair and Win-Win Future" theme of the New Year's Annual Meeting and Awards Ceremony at 8:00 on February 8th, 2018. Colleagues and special guests from all departments of the company gathered together in a festive, peaceful and warm atmosphere to celebrate the glory of Seiko Electronics in 2017! All staff of Shandong Jinggong Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. are eagerly looking forward to and sincerely welcome friends from all walks of life to come and share the event!

The heroic song reciting the old age, the joy of opening the new year, the moment 2017 has taken a firm footstep away from us, and the hopeful 2018 has slowly come, in this happy day of the old and new, the company thanks The hard work and dedication of all employees over the past year, the company is scheduled to hold the "Spring and Autumn Fair and Win-Win Future" theme of the New Year's Annual Meeting and Awards Ceremony at 8:00 on February 8th, 2018. Colleagues and special guests from all departments of the company gathered together in a festive, peaceful and warm atmosphere to celebrate the glory of Seiko Electronics in 2017! All staff of Shandong Jinggong Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. are eagerly looking forward to and sincerely welcome friends from all walks of life to come and share the event!