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Goldencell Electronics


The power of bench-marking | Innovation leads to success and precision to Goldencell
    In recent years, Goldencell has carried out refined management, guided and encouraged all departments to actively research and develop new products, encourage technological innovation, promote cost reduction and speed up production efficiency, and the innovation tendency has prompted the "huge benefit ". they have the courage to break through the innovation, with ingenuity to create products, the essence of "artisan innovation spirit" permeates the development of Goldencell Technology company.
Future and glory|The commencement ceremony of goldencellbattery electronic lithium battery purification project achieved a complete success
On July 30, the groundbreaking ceremony of the lithium battery purification project of Shandong Goldencell Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. was held in China Aerospace New Energy Industrial Park.
Intelligent manufacturing future digital enabling | Seiko electronic MES project officially launched
Exhibition notice —— The Solar Show Africa 2020
Date:31 March–1 April 2020 Sandton Convention Centre, Johannesburg, South Africa
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